People are born with huge potential. But they seldom realize that awesomeness and success can be created through the strengths that they already have. With little help, direction and coaching, they can transform their lives and those of people around them to become Accomplished.
A structured coaching program enables them to discover these strengths, strengthen what is good, dilute or remove impact of what’s negative, unleash the power of their strength through a sustainable plan of action and through guided execution of laid down actions.


THE ACCOMPLISHED YOU is a structured 10-steps Program conducted in a small group settings for a duration of 2-3 hours per session. It is based on the following fundamentals :



The Modules are backed by psychology and neuro-science theories and research. It's been benchmarked with the best coaching practices. Each Module is an outcome oriented process and is structured to ensure pre-defined results.



Every module content includes real life applicable assignments,follow-ups on current learning status and cross learning in practice-circles with fellow participants. In instances and as per the need, one-on-one counselling sessions may also be required to be done.



Every module is planked on the perception ofAcceptance-Commitment-Action i.e Accept the current situation, Commit to a defined path and undertake concrete Actions. It also empowers participants to handle emotions, communicate effectively and confidently take decisions.


As program enablement and to make participants achieve predetermined outcomes, they are provided with

  • Uniquely formulated tools & exercises having a deep psychological impact.
  • Cross learning through group activities.
  • Supported meditations.
  • Well researched reference study materials & Journal log book for further references.


Every Module is led by well trained and experienced coaches of The Coaching Company with a collective expertise equivalent to 100 years.



  • Knowing one’s own personality and behavioral tendencies
  • Developing self-acceptance and self-love
  • Discovering one’s own strengths and weakness
  • Gaining Clarity in all compartments of life
  • Attaining Peace of mind and resolving conflicts
  • Clearance of negative blockages in belief system
  • Breaking old negative patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Rewiring with empowering Codes
  • Harnessing the power of the subconscious mind
  • Achieving breakthroughs and Transformations
  • Designing strength oriented personalized goals
  • Practicing Decision-making techniques
  • Embarking on the designed business plan
  • Stress management
  • Time Management
  • Setting attainable and sustainable game plan
  • A customized road-map to success
  • Dreaming big and embarking on the Journey of success
  • Filtering healthy and empowering social-circle