The ability to think clearly, rationally and using unbiased reasoning can lead to solving critical issues systematically. Your instincts are the best weapon in your decision-making collection. Just think of your instincts as a filter that’s made up of your experiences and emotions. Your gut may the voice of reasoning and can cut through bias.
According to John Tierney; any person irrespective of their employment, income level, social class all suffer from term called “decision fatigue.” This is a psychological condition that is caused by large amounts of decision made which may lead to mental exhaustion and causes a person to run out of energy to make any right/ beneficial decisions. Today we make more decisions that humans have ever had to so we need a plan of action.
This course uses interactive study techniques, practical understanding of current day complex scenarios and active learning methodology, to direct students towards mastery of critical thinking skills that can be effectively applied in daily life and in the formulation of well drawn-out decisions.